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I pride myself on my abilities as a freelance writer, freelance technical writer, and freelance Web developer.

If you're looking for an experienced writer and Web developer that delivers quality work at reasonable rates, I'm the person you want!

I'm a university-trained writer. I have special training in technical writing, but I'm good at other kinds of writing, too. I have an innate and well-developed talent for writing about complicated subjects in a way that's easy for the layman to understand. I'm equally comfortable writing for a technical audience.

I'm also a trained computer programmer and a self-taught Web developer.

My early career endeavors focused on the field of accounting, and for a number of years I worked in that capacity in the automobile industry and the construction industry.

Later, I became interested in information technology and made a career switch. I found work with various firms as either a programmer or technical writer.

Since 1992 I've owned and operated Citation Software Inc., a value-added reseller of software geared for companies in the printing industry and the mailing/fulfillment industry.

I'm a versatile and resourceful writer and am happy to write about almost any topic. Having said that, I'll tell you I won't take on projects I don't think I'd be able to handle well.

As mentioned above, I'm willing to take on Web-development projects in addition to writing projects.

I've picked up a lot of skills throughout my career.

I deliver high-quality work at reasonable rates.

My career pursuits have taken me to seven states and have enriched my life via exposure to a variety of industries and disciplines, including:

   • business management
   • accounting and finance
   • automobile sales and service
   • hospitality
   • health care
   • civil engineering and construction
   • marketing
   • management consulting
   • information technology.

My personal interests and avocations include:

   • pursuit of a green lifestyle
   • land-conservation issues
   • gardening
   • food preservation
   • home building and home renovation
   • interior design
   • Maine culture and issues of interest to residents of Maine.

I live in a tiny town in northern Maine, not far from the Canadian border. I very much enjoy living in this area. Life here is peaceful and serene. Even when the news media seem bent on convincing us our society is teetering on meltdown, I'm inspired to do good work by the strong sense of community and the wonderful and bucolic views I enjoy here in my town and in the surrounding areas.


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Experienced freelance writer, freelance technical writer, freelance Web development. Quality freelance writing and freelance Web development at affordable rates.

I pride myself on my abilities as a freelance writer, freelance technical writer, and freelance Web developer.

I do freelance writing, freelance technical writing, and freelance Web development at reasonable rates.

If you're looking for an experienced freelance writer, freelance technical writer, or freelance Web developer that can deliver quality work, consider hiring me for your project.